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Maximum Load Rating
Nominal Shackle Size
Thread Size
Fits Ring Diameter
For Use With
Table Slot Size
Stud Size
Maximum Holding Capacity
Clamping Force
Clamping Action
Ball Knob Diameter
Clamp Arm Length
Height Under Clamp Arm
Clamp Bar Opening
Clamp Type
Draw Arm Style
Clamp Stroke
Cylinder Bore Size
Swing Direction
Plunger Travel
Plunger Thread
Jaw Depth
Jaw Width
Jaw Opening
Plunger Height
Handle Opening
Grip Length
Shackle Diameter (C)
Base Diameter
Inside Eye Width
Outside Eye Width
Thread Length
Fixture Slot Size
Fits Step Fixture Keys
Thread Depth
Nominal Diameter
Head Diameter
Hub Diameter
Matching Handle Size
Hole Type
Shank Diameter
Overall Length
Spindle Diameter
Cap Width
Cap Height
Head Length
Jaw Open Width
Clamping Range
Drawing Movement without Thumb
Exerting Force
Nominal Pin Diameter
Maximum Pin Diameter
Wire Diameter
Inside Diameter
Fits Cable
Mounting Hole Diameter A
Screw Size
Mounting Hole Diameter B
Cable Size
Diameter After CoatingDia
Diameter Before Coating
Cable Construction
Bottom Pin Diameter
Tip to Ball Length
Ferrule Length
Outside Diameter