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Swivel Hoist Ring – Stainless Steel (Standard Ring)

Swivel Hoist Ring – Stainless Steel (Standard Ring)


Brand: Carr Lane

Swivel Hoist Ring – Stainless Steel (Standard Ring)

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Stainless steel version of our original safety-engineered hoist ring, with a load rating equal to 50% of the steel version. Useful for corrosive, cryogenic, or elevated-temperature environments. Swivel Hoist Rings pivot 180° and swivel 360° simultaneously to allow lifting from any direction. Safety factor = 5:1. Available with inch threads in load capacities up to 50,000 lbs, or metric threads up in load capacities up to 24,000 lbs, many with a choice of bolt length. Stainless steel swivel hoist rings conform to ASME B30.26. Patent no. 3,297,293, and 4,705,422. Made in USA.

Additional information

Product Type

Maximum Load Rating

2500 lb

Thread Size

3/4 in – 10

Thread Length

1.03 in


Stainless Steel



Range of Movement


Bail Radius (F)

0.88 in

Bail Diameter (Dia E)

3/4 in

Bail Outside Length (L)

4.25 in

Bushing Width (K)

1.97 in

Overall Width (G)

3.25 in

Overall Height (D)

4.78 in

Standards Met

ASME B30.26

Installation Torque

50 lb

Body Height (C)

1.22 in

Dimension (H)

1.99 in

Dimension (J)

3.52 in